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Friday, April 20, 2007

Advantages of Prepaid Phone Cards

Prepaid phone cards, also named calling cards, international phone cards are fast selling out from convenience stores, supermarkets and hundreds of web sites online. There are many advantages associated with prepaid phone card. The main among them are:

Can make calls from a phone that is not international calling enabled. People choose international phone card, when they want to call up their friends, relatives or business partners who live half way down the globe. No agreements to sign and no bills to wait for.

Customers save 54% to 76% on international calling with prepaid phone cards. With advancements in technology, people can today cut costs of international calling by 50% or more, simply by using international phone card. For example the cost of calling to India from USA starts from 4-5¢ a minute. For toll free access of international calling, the per-minute charges can be a bit higher. The customer also doesn't have to pay hefty taxes as much as they would if they use their regular telephones or mobile phones to make long distance international calls.

No bills. The cheap international calling card that is prepaid avoids the worry of waiting for an astronomical bill at the end of the month. The expenses are well within control of the customers.

Mobility and flexibility are other key benefits of prepaid phone cards. Customers can make calls from any phones. You can call from home, office, pay phone or from your friend's house. The phone doesn't have to be enabled with international long distance calling provisions.

Monitor usage history. Different online phone card sellers give the provision of tracking your call history online. You can know when and for how long did you make an international call.

Some Significantly Important Terms Prepaid Calling Card Customers Must Know About

Connection Charge – if the phone card has a connection fee, the amount will be deducted from the number of available calling minutes. Most prepaid calling cards today come without a connection charge. Look at the fine print, if the card you purchase has connection fee. The amount will be deducted from your account if the call reaches a voice mail or a wrong number.

Maintenance Fee – this is another fee charged on the card on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. No maintenance fee if the full value is used in a week, fortnight or a month.

Local Access Number – this is the number you dial to access the service offered by the prepaid calling card. Using local access number to access prepaid phone card service gives more minutes than while using toll free number to access the service.

Validity and Expiry – different prepaid phone card companies have different policies regarding validity and expiry. Validity can vary from 90 days of purchase of the card to 365 days after the last use of the card.

With dozens of companies selling prepaid calling card, it is a tough task to make the right choice. Go in with the simple math of comparing the number of minutes you get against the amount you pay.


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